Offroad Curved Dual Row 3W Epistar Led Light Bar

1. 3W/PCS Epistar led chips with high output

2. Spot, flood, combo beam deliver an excellent view

3. Corrosion-resistant casting aluminum alloy, upgraded PC lens

4. Adjustable aluminum side brackets

5. Curved shape, covering strip sealing by screws

  • Model: GT-BD04A Series (old model: GT3102Ep)
  • HS Code: 8512201000
  • Size: 54.9cm(21.6″), 80cm(31.5″), 105.4cm(41.5″), 125.7cm(49.5″), 130.8cm(51.5″)
  • Certification: CE  RoHs  IP67

Product Introduction

GT-BD04A is designed with a unique curved shape adapted 3W/PCS Epistar Dual LED light bars. It can be placed anywhere on the vehicle.
With a solid mounting system, the sturdy aluminum side brackets are available. Popular sizes: 21″, 31″, 42″, 51″. Optical performance is 40% higher than other competing LED light bars on the market.

Technical Specification

Ginto Part No. GT-BD04A Lens Polycarbonate Surface Hardening
Operating Voltage 10-30V DC Frame/Housing Die-cast aluminum housing
LED Chip 3W/PCs Epistar Coating Powder of Housing Black
Shape Curved DT Connector Optional
Environment Temp —40~+60℃ Mounting Bracket Aluminum Side Mount Bracket
CCT 6000K Lifetime 30000h
Beam Pattern Spot beam, Flood beam, Combo beam Waterproof Rate IP67
Row Double row Sealing Way By screws
Certification CE, RoHs

GT-BD04A Range: 40L, 60L, 80L, 96L, 100L

Model Size Watt AMP Draw Leds Theoretical Lumen Cable Length Net Weight Package Standard
GT-BD04A-40L 21.6″ 120W 9.87A@12V, 4.95A@24V 40Pcs*3W Epistar 10400lm 600mm 2.5kg/Pcs 4Pcs/Carton
GT-BD04A-60L 31.5″ 180W 14.54A@12V, 7.27A@24V 60Pcs*3W Epistar 15600lm 600mm 3.95Kg/Pcs 4Pcs/Carton
GT-BD04A-80L 41.5″ 240W 19.94A@12V  9.89A@24V 80Pcs*3W Epistar 20800lm 800mm 6.75Kg/Pcs 4Pcs/Carton
GT-BD04A-96L 49.5″ 288W 23.69A@12V, 11.9A@24V 96Pcs*3W Epistar 24960lm 800mm 7.63Kg/Pcs 4Pcs/Carton
GT-BD04A-100L 51.5″ 300W 24.76A@12V, 12.4A@24V 100Pcs*3W Epistar 26000lm 800mm 8.13Kg/Pcs 4Pcs/Carton

Dimensional Drawing

ITEM NO. A B C D E F Watts Led’s
3.2″ 2.9″ 4.7″ 21.6″ 23.6″ 3.4″ 120 40
3.2″ 2.9″ 4.7″ 31.5″ 33.5″ 3.4″ 180 60
3.2″ 2.9″ 4.7″ 41.5″ 43.6″ 3.4″ 240 80
3.2″ 2.9″ 4.7″ 49.5″ 51.5″ 3.4″ 288 96
3.2″ 2.9″ 4.7″ 51.5″ 53.5″ 3.4″ 300 100


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