ECE R149 Slim Bezel-less Led Driving Light Bar

1. 5W/PCS Osram LED, 65%+ real power and real lumen consumption
2. Slim version, 40.7mm(1.6inch) height
3. Bezel-less lens design system for good driving light beam
4. M5 high grade pressure equalization vent equipped
5. Adjustable sliding mounts/3mm thick 304 Stainless steel side brackets
6. ECE R10, R149, IP67 approved
  • Model: GT-BS02 Series
  • HS Code: 8512201000
  • Size: 24.8cm(9.76″), 35.0cm(13.78″), 45.23cm(17.81″), 65.7cm(25.87″), 86.2cm(33.94″), 10.67cm(42.00″), 19.70cm(50.06″)
  • Certification: CE, RoHs, ECE R10, R149

GT-BS02 Lux Chart

GT-BS02 Promotion Leaflet.pdf

Product Introduction

The GT-BS02 new bezel-less ultra reflector led light bar, it is a slim version new side emitting light bar with just 40.7mm/1.6inch height housing which can be put in anywhere of the vehicle.Led driving light beam design throws a far distance driving light beam and a wide close short beam in front of the vehicle.

With strong mounting systems, adjustable aluminum sliding mount support back and bottom housing mounting and 304 stainless steel side bracket mounting are available.Pressure Equalization vent equipped, ip67 waterproofness. E-mark R10 and R149 approved, optic performance is 40% more brighter than the other competing led light bars in the market.

 Side Mount

Sliding Mount

Ginto GIT lighting Bezel less led light barTechnical Specification

Ginto Part No.GT-BS02 SERIESHousing Material6063 Aluminum
Leds5W/PCS OsramHousing Powder CoatingSand Black
Operating Voltage10-30V DCLens MaterialAnti-scratched PC Lens
Operating Temperature—40~+60℃Mounting Bracket304# Stainless Steel Side Mount/ Aluminum sliding mount
Lifetime50,000 hours+Pressure Equalization VentYES
Color Temperature6000KStandard Electrical connectionBare Wire(DT available)
Beam PatternDriving light BeamWaterproof RateIP67
RowSingle RowEMC ProtectionYES
ShapeStraightCertificationCE, RoHs, ECE R10, R149

GT-BS02 Range: 8L, 12L, 16L, 24L, 32L, 40L, 48L

MODELSizeWattAMP DrawLedsTheoretical LumenCable LengthNet WeightPackage Standard
GT-BS02-8L9.76″40W2.00A@12V, 1.00A@24V8Pcs*5W2800Lm600mm0.65Kg/Pcs8Pcs/Carton
GT-BS02-12L13.78″60W3.00A@12V, 1.50A@24V12Pcs*5W4200Lm800mm1.00Kg/Pcs8Pcs/Carton
GT-BS02-16L17.81″80W4.00A@12V, 2.00A@24V16Pcs*5W5600Lm800mm1.35Kg/Pcs6Pcs/Carton
GT-BS02-24L25.87″ 120W6.00A@12V, 3.00A@24V24Pcs*5W8400Lm800mm1.93Kg/Pcs6Pcs/Carton
GT-BS02-32L33.94″160W8.00@12V, 4.00A@24V32Pcs*5W11200Lm800mm2.49Kg/Pcs6Pcs/Carton
GT-BS02-40L42.00″200W10.00A@12V, 5.00A@24V40Pcs*5W14000Lm800mm3.06Kg/Pcs4Pcs/Carton
GT-BS02-48L50.06″240W12.00A@12V, 6.00A@24V48Pcs*5W16800Lm800mm3.75Kg/Pcs4Pcs/Carton

Dimensional Drawing

MODELA(Inch)B(Inch)C(Inch)D(Inch)E(Inch)F(Inch)Led’s(pcs)Theoretical Power(Watt)Theoretical lumen(Lm)
GT-BS02-8L2.36 1.60 2.08 9.76 11.00 1.28 8402800
GT-BS02-12L2.36 1.60 2.08 13.78 15.02 1.28 12604200
GT-BS02-16L2.36 1.60 2.08 17.81 19.05 1.28 16805600
GT-BS02-24L2.36 1.60 2.08 25.87 27.11 1.28 241208400
GT-BS02-32L2.36 1.60 2.08 33.94 35.18 1.28 3216011200
GT-BS02-40L2.36 1.60 2.08 42.00 43.25 1.28 4020014000
GT-BS02-48L2.36 1.60 2.08 50.06 50.19 1.28 4024016800

Night Test on the Road


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