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Test Program

Very Few LED automobile lighting manufacturers in China has their own laboratories, but we are the one. Every year, we put 3-5% of the annual export revenue to led lighting R&D. We own in-house laboratory equipped with dark room and professional testing instruments in our factory. Our expert engineers carry out various tests against our led light bar and work light products including Salt Spray Test, Waterproof  Test, Vibration Test, Integrating Sphere Test, Temperature Cycle Test, UV Accelerated Weathering Test, Falling Test, Isolux Test, Road Illumination Test at night ect to ensure the reliability of our led light products.

TEST Program
1. Salt Spray Test
2. Waterproof  Test 
3. Vibration Test 
4. Road Illumination Test
5. Integrating Sphere Test
6. Aging Test
7. Temperature Cycle Test
8. Falling Test 
9. UV Accelerated Weathering Test 
10. Isolux Test

1.Salt Spray Test

2.Waterproof  Test 

3.Vibration Test 

4.Environmental Test

5.Road Illumination Test

6.Integrating Sphere Test

7.Aging Test

8.Thermal Cycle Test

9.Thermal Shock Test

10.Drop Test For Product

11.Impact Resistance Test

12.Package Falling Test 

13.Constant Temperature And Humidity Test 

14.UV Accelerated Weathering Test 

15.Voltage–down Test

16.Leakage Current Test


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